Welcome to the Kapooka Homepage

Kapooka is a logic game. You basically move the red blobby thing around pushing green blobby things out the way, and you try get to the exit to advance to the next level.

Here's what the current version looks like :
KaPooka screenshot

You can only push a block when there's a blank space behind it. You can't push blocks into the exit either.

Download it here : Sourceforge download page

Just extract and run "make", then run "kapooka" from the directory. If you copy the "kapooka" binary to another place, you'll need to copy the "data" folder as well.

A windows version is also available, thanks to Norman Krebs normankrebs@web.de
Look at http://www.kohnos.net/ under the "software" section.

Norman has also made a very nice level editor, download it here : http://www.kohnos.net/files/kpookale.zip

-Mr. Bogus